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call center

+971 50 635 8757

call center

+971 50 635 8757

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+971 6 526 3704

Fax Number

+971 6 52 63704

our location

Sea Shell Marine Enterprises FZE
P. O. Box 41640, Sharjah, UAE

our location

Sea Shell Marine Enterprises FZE
P. O. Box 41640, Sharjah, UAE

Marine Ship Stores & Suppliers in UAE

ship chandlers Dubai

Wild waves, unpredictable weathers, storms and chilling winds, the challenges while sailing can get dramatic and dangerous. Undoubtedly, you need someone who understands what it takes to sail. We, Sea Shell Marine for the last three decades have been the trusted marine consultants for a range of clients that includes marine industry, tugs, barges, marine construction, crane barges and offshore operations. Our service includes marine consulting service, ship classifications, marine survey and dry-docking. We also extend our service for flag registrations, repairs, pleasure boat registrations and survey, marine supply, marine safety pieces of equipment, marine safety supplies, products and ship provisions. In a nutshell, we are one of the most efficient ship chandlers in UAE that acts as the missing link between you and the life in the sea.

    A Quick glance at our core competencies:
  • We are the premium supplier

  • Proactive management at its best

  • Feasibility Studies

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  • We as the trusted and reputed ship chandlers in UAE supply supreme quality personal protective gears and device along with explosion proof lighting solution and traffic safety. We achieve perfection through our advanced International Principals & manufacturers’ standards.

  • We are one of the leading enterprises that are multidimensional. Our highly trained team is capable of handling vessels offshore, onshore and at sea both as managers and vessel owners.

  • Since we are specialists in the field we own and operate more than 20 vessels that include tugs/barges, AHTS Vessels, Towing tug Green Asia 1100 HP, AHTS Green Gulf 3200 HP, Towing Tug Green Sea 3000 HP.

  • We offer marine consulting services for the feasibility study, technical studies and superintendence. We also extend our service for special purpose vessels management, repair and maintenance.

  • We thrive to offer the highest quality service at a reasonable cost because we know that it is possible. We customize our service to meet the dynamic demands of each client. Transparency and integrity are the guiding philosophies that drive us.

  • Quality is our second nature. We thrive to attain the state of perfection through our predefined quality protocols and systems of control that are designed to meet each client’s dynamic demands and requirements.

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Marine Safety Supplies and Safety Equipment

Safe cruising depends on the kinds of safety gears and equipment that you have. We offer a range of safety gears that include life rafts and life jackets for both salt and freshwater sailing so that passengers can be safe in case things go wrong in the middle of nowhere.

We also have emergency equipment, marine safety kits and marine safety supplies available at our sops in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE.

Lifejackets are essential when you are in the middle of the sea. This would help you maintaining buoyancy in case accidents and mishaps. We offer inflatable life jackets that you can trust including security light, lines and other safety devices so that you can be safe completely.
  • Rescue Knife with Hook This is very sharp knives with blunt tips. This is the right knife o use when you are onboard. Their cutting edge is serrated to cut through any rope. This is perfect to cut ropes, sail, kite lines and webbing.
  • Crewsaver Crewfit Junior Lifejacket The Crewsaver Crewfit has a 3d design helping to ensure your kids, and young ones are safe onboard. The design offers advanced performance than any life jacket available today.

There is a window showing the status of the inflator. Special design to keep your airway out of water no matter the condition. The side waist adjuster makes it very easy to be adjusted. They have an outer cover for durability.

Marine signaling tools are important as far as your response to the emergency situation is concerned. We have signal flares, radar reflector, balls and horns to ensure that you are safe while you are off the shore.
  • Ecoblast Metal Air Horn and Pump All you need to do is to pump air for up to 80 blasts. You will not need to refill after.
We have Seago, life craft and sea cruisers to help you in rescuing your crew in case of disaster. The overboard equipment and devices would give you that extra peace of mind. Best bet? You get all these devices at a competitive price range.
  • Seago Sea Cruiser Life rafts This high specification and competitively priced life raft.
  • The Sea Cruiser allows 4 to 6 persons on it.
  • They are made from water proof nylon.
  • This is used offshore or for fishing
The emergency equipment and overboard devices should be available in the sea or near the port to respond to emergency evacuations, this could be a grab bag that you need when evacuating your boat. These devices can give you the best chance of being saved
  • Ocean Signal RescueMe MOB1 AIS/DSC Beacon This helps you transmit alert to a location in the sea. This equipment has life jacket integrated. This can determine accurate positioning.
  • Ocean Safety Horseshoe Only This horseshoe lifebuoy has high durability and flexibility. This has a visible zip at the side.
  • McMurdo FastFind GPS PLB This is a potential life saver. No matter how remote the location is, you will be located. This should be carried in your boat in case any fatal accident happens during your cruise.
  • This is used offshore or for fishing


  • This equipment has a protected antenna
  • You don’t need to subscribe, and you won’t be charged for your call
There could be times when you need a fire extinguisher and fire detector. We as the preferred ship chandlers in Dubai offer a range of fire extinguisher for various situations that include class B and C fire. All you need to do is to look at our collection and chose the right device.
  • Fireblitz Auto Fire Extinguisher. This is a form of fire extinguisher that automatically discharges when the environment temperature reaches 75degree Celsius.
  • This extinguisher is safe for use on electrical appliances
  • This is suitable for class C and B fire
  • Pilot Gas Alarm - Twin Detector This is just a piece of equipment that should be installed on all ships. Gas leakage can be so deleterious. This alarm has two type of detector that can identify propane and butane level before they exceed the point they can’t be controlled so contact us at Seashell Ship Stores Company in the United Arab Emirates
We are the most reputed and trusted ship chandlers in Dubai that can offer you a comprehensive solution. With highly skilled professionals and organized approach we make real difference.

Why should you choose us:

  • Diversified knowledge and skills in the Marine Industry
  • Premium and reputed Suppliers
  • Efficient in Handling Specialized Job
  • More than 30 years of experience in UAE in the marine industry
  • Certified and skilled Team of Engineers
  • Highly customer centric

We as one of the reputed ship chandlers in Dubai guarantee you that you will never have to worry about anything while you cruise.